Workshop on Wavelength Standards, May 6 and 7 1996, Paris

During the last meeting of EUROMET length contact persons it was decided that France will be responsible for the organisation of a workshop devoted to wavelength standards. This workshop will be held in Paris 6 and 7 May.

- Study of visible radiation in moleculare Iodine (501.5 nm)

- High accuracy determination of refractive index of air

- Reference wavelengths using cristal laser (yag or Ti: Sa) (532 nm)

- Practical study of the effect of gaz impurity in Iodine cells

- All optics stabillization for solid state laser.

The workshop will be organized by Marc HIMBERT and Patrick JUNCAR from BNM-INM and Marc PRIEL from BNM-LNE.



Further Information

The confirmation of the participation will be send to;

Ms Maguelonne Chambon, BNM, 33 rue Monge, F-75005 Paris, fax: + 33 1 4319 5080