Workshop on uncertainty in length measurements

At the last EUROMET Length Contact Persons meeting in October 2000 in Oslo, it was proposed to organize a workshop on uncertainty in length measurements in conjunction with the next contact persons meeting. A short inquiry among the contact persons resulted in a positive reply.

The workshop will be held in an informative way. There will be presentations and discussions of general concepts and several practical cases of measurement uncertainty in dimensional metrology. The following topics have been proposed so far:


- uncertainty in cylindiricity and squareness mesurements
- uncertainty in surface roughness measurement for horizontal parameters (Sm, Rsm)
- temperature gradient in air (laser measurements)
- influence of flatness in angle and gauge block measurements
- addendums to the GUM
- uncertainty budgets for CMC top services: a comparison of different approaches
- optical measurement and uncertainty of focal length of Koesters interferometer
- uncertainty in form measurements
- 2D uncertainty analysis for sphere diameter measurement (Mathematica application)


Several experts have already agreed to give a presentation. Further ideas are still welcome! The definitive programme and schedule will be fixed early September 2001.