Workshop on software used in length metrology

The workshop took place after the annual EUROMET Length TC meeting, on 14. October 2003 in Dublin. The following contributions were presented:


· Antti Lassila, Line scale interferometer software


· Andrew Lewis, Comparison of gauge block measuring software


· Ruedi Thalmann, METAS update to NPL-TESA Gauge Block Software


· Ruedi Thalmann, METAS Roughness software


· Ruedi Thalmann, METAS Ball plate software


· Hugo Piree, Reflections on additional corrections on air pressure at interferometric measurements of gauge blocks(The last presentation was one which the presenter was unable to give at the previous workshop).


The presentations were followed by interesting discussions. The workshop was highly appreciated by the participants and the wish for a similar event at the next TC meeting was expressed, but with a more open topic such as ‘Recent developments in Length Metrology’. Thus, some presentation given in recent international conferences could be repeated before a Euromet audience since some Euromet members had not been to these conferences.Some of the presentations will be made available on the EUROMET Length web site at