Workshop on Recent developments & news at length laboratories

Final Report, 27 October 2004


The workshop took place after the annual EUROMET Length TC meeting, on 19-20. October 2004 in Torino. The following contributions were presented:


Vedran MudronjaRoughness standards produced in Laboratory
Vedran MudronjaModification of gauge block interferometer
Vedran MudronjaSoftware for roundness measurements
Vedran MudronjaSystem for calibration of precise line scales
Gian-Bartolo PicottoCompensation of the optical non-linearity of heterodyne interferometers
Antti LassilaApplications of MIKES' combined white light and 633 nm He-Ne light interferometer
Slobodan ZelenikaCurrent state of our QS Supporting CMCs for length and angle
Michael McCarthyVerification artefacts for Vision Inspection machines & non-contacting measuring systems 1 µm to 2 m
Antti LassilaAn acoustic method for determination of the effective temperature and refractive index of air
Petr BallingDesign of CMI long gauge block interferometer
Marco PisaniAngle measurements at IMGC
Alessandro BalsamoDimensional-colorimetric stereovision measurements of cultural heritage
Petr BallingDevelopment of acetylene stabilised laser at 1542 nm


The presentations were followed by interesting discussions. The workshop was highly appreciated by the participants and the wish for a similar event at the next TC meeting was expressed.


Most of the presentations will be made available on the EUROMET Length web site at