Workshop on AC impedance bridges and Lampard calculable capacitors

Project Description

Most of the National Metrology Institutes are presently using or setting-up AC bridges intended to link the ohm and the farad, starting from QHE (DC or AC) or from calculable capacitors.

In order to discuss the problems encountered during their developments, it is proposed to organize a two days workshop at BNM-LCIE:

* the first day will be devoted to impedance definition, AC bridges (capacitance bridges, resistance bridges, quadrature bridges), and impedance comparisons.

* the second day will be dedicated to Lampard calculable capacitors.

The workshop will be opened to non EUROMET countries.

The proposed period is September-October 1998.


Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
G. Trapon, G. Geneves, LCIE (France)
Phone: +33 1 4095 6064/6040
Fax: +33 1 4095 5599
Coordinating Institute
NPL (United Kingdom)
Participating Partners
PTB (Germany)
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