Volume comparison at 20 L - EURAMET Regional Key Comparison of CCM.FF-K4.1.2011

Project Description

This comparison is the follow up of the comparison CCM.FF-K4.1.2011 organised for the EURAMET NMIs. The protocol is essentially equivalent to the protocol of CCM.FF-K4.1.2011. The transfer standard is one of the two 20 L pipettes used in the CCM.FF-K4, it was readjusted by CENAM/Mexico.

Final Report 2020-07-22

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2018-12-14

The Draft B has been approved by the participants.It is sent to TC-Chair with the request for approval by the CC.

Progress Report 2018-12-10

Draft B report ready for submission to CC WGFF. 

Progress Report 2018-04-10

The measurements were completed and all results were sent to the pilot laboratory. Some participants were informed to check some data. Draft A of the report is in progress.