UV radiometric scales and calibration services

Final Report

This project is concluded because international comparisons in the UV spectral range are carried out on a regular basis within the frame of CCPR and EURAMET TC-PR.

Progress Report, 20th March 2014

No significant activity to report.

Progress Report, 25th February 2013

No significant activity to report.

NPL is continuing to refer all those requesting measurements in the VUV spectral region to PTB.For measurements in the region 200 nm – 400 nm, NPL has established scales of spectral radiance and spectral irradiance based on a radiometrically-calibrated black body. The spectral irradiance scale is being compared with that at PTB and elsewhere via CCPR Key Comparisons K-1a and K1-b. The measurements for the spectral region 250 nm – 400 nm for the K1-a comparison (using tungsten halogen lamps) have been completed and a draft A report is in preparation. Measurements for the K1-b comparison (using deuterium lamps) are currently underway. A comparison with the irradiance scale previously maintained at NPL has also been performed.


VUV & UV responsivity scale: PTB(Berlin) will establish a responsivity scale from 0.2 to 300nm, available in approximately 4years time. PTB will provide NPL with transfer standards covering 100-300nm, and will also provide a calibration service covering this spectral region.

UV Spectroradiometry: PTB is to update its facilities for the spectral region 40-400nm by provision of a new monochromator on a BESSY beam line. PTB will provide traceable calibration of transfer standard deuterium lamps selected and provided by NPL, and NPL will use these to maintain a service for UV spectral radiance calibrations.

Absolute radiometry and spectral emission scales: NPL plans to establish a new spectral emission scale based on absolute radiometric measurements, covering the spectral region 250-1000nm. PTB(Berlin) and NPL will intercompare this scale with the synchrotron scale over the range 250-400nm.



Further Information

Progress report submitted in May 2004.

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