Trilateral comparison of spectral diffuse reflectance

Project Description

A trilateral comparison on spectral diffuse reflectance of diffuse reflecting samples will be conducted between IO-CSIC, UME and SASO following the same protocol as in the corresponding CCPR Key Comparison.

The comparison will be registered in the KCDB, so that UME and SASO will be able to support their CMC. In this comparison UME will be the pilot and IO-CSIC will be the link laboratory. A set of diffuse reflecting samples from UME will circulate between the laboratories with the following sequence; UME/SASO/UME, UME/IO-CSIC/UME.

The comparison is funded by UME and SASO.

Progress Report 2021-01-18

No progress so far.

Photometry and Radiometry (PR)
Coordinating Institute
UME (Turkey)
Participating Partners
IO-CSIC (Spain)
Further Partners
SASO-NMCC (Saudi Arabia)