Tri-lateral comparison in humidity (dew-point temperature high range) 30 °C to 95 °C

Project Description

The objective of the project is to perform intercomparison of dewpoint realisations of MBW, INRIM and INTA in the range from 30 °C to 95 °C. Results will be used to support CMC entries and/or range extension of participating NMIs/DIs. The protocol will be based on EURAMET.T-K8, project 717.

Progress Report 2019-04-03

Measurements delayed due to problems with transfer standard detected at INRIM. Instrument repaired by MBW and new measurements performed to confirm metrological performance. Instrument to be delivered to INRiM before end of April to continue measurements.

Progress Report 2018-03-16

Protocols have been agreed and submitted to CCT-WG.KC. Comments received Jan 2018 and protocol is being corrected. No changes to technical aspects. Comparison started. MBW and LNE completed measurements. Timetable ammended due to delay at INTA due to problems with environmental conditions in high-range laboratory. INRIM currently measuring.

Progress Report 2017-04-14

Protocol has been agreed and submitted to CCT-WG.KC. Extensive characterization of the transfer standard has been performed at MBW. Project start has been delayed due to the workload of INTA and INRIM and their work with CCT-K8. Estimated completion date has been extended. A bilateral MBW-INTA in the range -20 °C to +20 °C has also been arranged using the same transfer standard in order to cover the whole range of the MBW high-range generator.

Thermometry (T)
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