Traceability of surveying and geadetic instruments

It is clear that all kind of measurements should be traced to their based basic units. Traditionnally, geodetic and surveying instruments have been formally out of the traceability chain, in spite of instruments used on this field (EDMs, theodolites, ...) measure length, angle or both. This may be due to the fact that this kind of instruments had resolutions and precisions worst (altgough appropriate to the needs) than other instruments used in closed laboratories. With the increasing of precision also in this field, due to new developments, the application of new techniques, and the arrival of quality systems, distributors of this kind of instruments should demonstrate to their customers the traceability chain linking the instruments they sell and repair to the standards maintained by their mother companies and also to the national institutes where these companies are located.

The situation is not clear because due to long ranges of measurements of these instruments is not easy to find standards (étalons) and calibration procedures to be applied within metrology laboratories. It is also difficult to find all over Europe accredited laboratories working in this range of instruments.

The purpose of this project is to collect the best possible updated information about this kind of instruments (EDMs, theodolites and others) :


1) How are they linked to national standards in each country ?

2) Are there accredited laboratories in this field ?

3) What kind of standards and calibration procedures are used by the national labs. Or equivalent institutions ?

4) Information about calibration and accreditation processes when the national labs. has no activity in this field.

5) Any other information valid for knowing much more about the general situation in Europe.