Traceability of luminous flux

Project Description

The luminous flux of SP’s standard lamps will be calibrated regularly by the reference integrating sphere operated by MIKES and TKK.

Progress Report 2018-12-07

No activities in the year 2018, expected activity in March 2019.

 Progress Report 2017-12-11

No activities in the year 2017, expected activity in May 2018.

Progress Report 2016-12-22

The calibration of SP's lamps for luminous flux were performed in May 2016.

Progress Report 2014-03-25

No activities in the year 2013.

Progress Report 2013-02-14

Two standard lamps of SP were calibrated for luminous flux at MIKES in February 2012.

Progress Report 2012-02-17

No activities during the year 2011.

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