Traceability of electrical quantities

Project Description

The reference multifunction calibrator (manufacturer by Fluke, type 5720A/5725A), in the field of electrical quantities, of INM Romania, will be calibrated at UME on a regular time schedule.

UME will inform INM in due time, at least one year in advance, if for any reasons they will no longer be able to maintain these services

Progress Reports 2018-06-01

Calibrations of the multifunction calibrator were performed:

  • October 2017, Calibration Certificate no GILV-0214/2017-10-09.
  • October 2015, Calibration Certificate no GILV-0184/2015-10-23.
  • June 2013, Calibration Certificate no GILV-0118/2013-06-18.
  • June 2011, Calibration Certificate no GILV-0117/2011-06-13.
  • October 2009, Calibration Certificate no GILV-0208/2009-10-09.

The next calibration will be performed in October 2019.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Coordinating Institute
INM-RO (Romania)
Participating Partners
UME (Turkey)