Tip sample interactions in scanning probe microscopy

Project Description

The effect of tip sample interactions on dimensional metrology using scanning probe microscopes is still to be quantified and remains a small but important source of uncertainty.

The NPL and PTB have jointly developing an atomic force microscope for studying tip sample interactions and their effects on dimensional measurements made using scanning probe microscopes. The microscope has the potential to be combined with an x-ray interferometer when high lateral resolution is required. The two partners will work together over the next few years to quantify the effect of these interactions in the various modes of operation of AFMs.

(24 April 2006) CMI has joined the project, bringing mathematical modelling expertise.

Further Information

[26 Jan 06] CMI added


[5 Oct 05] This work builds on that performed in EUROMET project 659.


Other actively involved partners would be welcome.

Length (L)
Dr Andrew Yacoot, NPL (United Kingdom)
Coordinating Institute
NPL (United Kingdom)