Time comparison using transportable Cs-clock

Proposal, 11 April 2005

In N-MERA meeting, March 2004, Norway/Kjeller (JV), Nordic delegates K. Kalliomäki (MIKES), K. Jaldehag (SP) and K. Lind (JV) discussed of Nordic time comparison project.
It was agreed, that one of the MIKES Cs-clocks would be carried to Stockholm, Borås (SP) and Kjeller (JV) and back using the same route. Thus double comparison comes true and closing errors can be determined within all above-mentioned paths.
A person car equipped with extra batteries will be used for transportation. The best time for transportation is autumn or spring because then the outdoor temperature is quite stable minimizing temperature variation during transportation.
The goal of the project is to link the above mentioned laboratories into the same time within 10 ns. Just now SP-time is best supervised. JV time is also referred to BIPM but MIKES time was not. Because there are no funding to this project, adding other laboratories like DANIAmet-DFM depends mostly on extra travelling money.

Time and Frequency (TF)
Kalevi Kalliomäki, MIKES (Finland)
Coordinating Institute
MIKES (Finland)
Participating Partners
JV (Norway)
RISE (Sweden)