Reference data for pressure reciprocity calibration according to the standard IEC 61094-2 (2009)

Project Description

Pressure reciprocity calibration is the most widespread method for realising the unit for acoustic pressure, the pascal (Pa) via the determination of the sensitivity of a microphone. This means that this type of calibration is the support of nearly every single sound pressure measurement made anywhere. Pressure reciprocity calibration is also described in the international Standard 61094-2 published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

A new version of the standard was published in 2009, superseding the previous version. The changes in the standard must be implemented in the software used for calculating the acoustic transfer impedance, and the pressure sensitivity. A way of validating the changes is to use a set of reference data that can be in introduced in the software, and to compare the obtained sensitivity to the “reference” sensitivity. The main objectives/activities of this project are:

a) To generate a set of reference data for testing software used for determining the pressure sensitivity, b) to distribute these data among a group of laboratories that will test and provide feedback of the results, and c) to make this set of reference data available to entities or individuals interested on testing their calculation software.
This project is fully funded by the participants.

Progress Report 2021-05-10

The reference data sets are under preparation and are expected to be circulated among the participants in the second half of 2021. It is expected that a new version of the standard 61094-2 is to be published by the end of 2021.
The reference data may be used for that version as well.

Changes regarding the project partners are as follows:
GUM (Poland) has joined the project, while NMIJ (Japan) no longer participates.

Progress Report 2019-02-20

Work is still active.

Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration (AUV)
Coordinating Institute
DFM (Denmark)
Further Partners
INMETRO (Brazil)
NMISA (Southafrica)
NRC (Canada)