Pilot study on calibration of angle encoders

Project Description

Angle encoders are accurate instruments increasingly used in industry, research activities and metrology, but the calibration of these instruments is a critical issue.

Hence, a pilot study on the calibration of angle encoders is necessary. The circulating standard will be an incremental angle encoder manufactured by Heidenhain, model RON 786C.

Many NMIs inside and outside Europe showed interest in this exercise.

Length (L)
Milena Astrua, INRIM (Italy)
Phone: +39 011 3919 966
E-Mail: m.astrua@inrim.it
Coordinating Institute
INRIM (Italy)
Further Partners
CMS/ITRI (Taiwan)
NIMT (Thailand)
NMIA (Australia)
NPL-I (India)
RSE (Kazakhstan)
SE (Ukraine)