Peer review of QMS of MIKES-Aalto

Project Description

All the NMIs and DIs participating in the CIPM MRA must operate a Quality Management System (QMS) to support their calibration activities. In this project the QMS of Metrology Research Institute at Aalto University (MIKES-Aalto, DI for optical quantities) will be peer reviewed. The peer review will be carried out by an on-site visit of a metrological expert in photometry and radiometry coming from National Research Council Canada (NRC). The review will include relevant requirements for the competence stated in the standard of ISO/IEC 17025 and the photometry services included in the CMC tables of the institute. This project will support the development, improvement and evaluation of QMS processes and procedures.

Final Report 2011-04-19

The Quality Management System (QMS) of the Metrology Research Institute at the Aalto University (MIKES-Aalto, DI for optical quantities) was peer reviewed by Dr. Arnold Gaertner from National Research Council Canada (NRC) on 17-19 May 2011. The purpose of the peer review visit was to verify that the photometry services included in the CMC tables of the institute comply with the requirements of its documented QMS and the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The peer review findings were documented in a report issued on 19 May 2010. The review resulted in many improvements in various details in photometric calibrations. The corrective actions and actions initiated from recommendations were performed during the summer 2010 and they were approved and verified by the peer reviewer on 13 September 2010. The peer review was considered very useful by the institute personnel. The experience was so encouraging that the project will get a continuation: an expert from MIKES will make a peer review visit in time and frequency metrology to NRC during the summer 2011.

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