Peer review of QMS of LNE-SYRTE

Project Description

The goal of the project concerns the peer review of the QMS of LNE-SYRTE. A peer review plan
including a visit by a metrological expert in the field of time and frequency is planned in
February 2013.
The proposed project intends to continuously insure the conformity of our QMS to ISO/CEI 17025 standard and to improve the QMS process using a peer review with respect to the requirements of the CIPM MRA.
The conclusions of the peer review project will be presented at the next EURAMET TC-Q meeting scheduled in March 2013.
For this project, the technical assessor will be Dr Franco Cordara (retired from INRIM, Italy) and the quality assessor will be an expert agreed by the French accreditation committee.
The fees of the peer review will be fully paid by LNE-SYRTE.

Final Report 2013-03-16

EURAMET validated the conformity of the SYRTE QMS with the ISO/CEI 17025 standard and renewed the self declaration of conformity for a duration of 5 years.


Quality (Q)
Fatima De Frondat, LNE-SYRTE (France)
Phone: +331 40 51 20 23
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Coordinating Institute
LNE-SYRTE (France)
Participating Partners
INRIM (Italy)