Peer review of QMS of LNE-INM (CNAM)

Project Description

A peer review of the QMS of LNE-INM with visits by metrological experts in the fields of temperature, length and radiometry-photometry is planned in October 2017. This project will support the development and improvement of QMS processes and provide a tool for better international recognition and fulfilment of the requirements of CIPM MRA. The radiometric and photometric quantities will be visited and reviewed by Dr Olivier Pellegrino from IPQ (Portugal), dimensional quantities by Dr Massimo Zucco INRIM (Italy) and thermal quantities by Dr Davor Zvizdic from FSB (Croatia). The main quality documents of LNE-INM will be reviewed by Patrick Leblois, Quality Auditor, Comma Consulting (France). The laboratory will cover only mission costs for the metrological experts and pay an overall fee to the Quality Auditor.

Quality (Q)
Mark Plimmer, LNE-INM (France)
Phone: +33 1 58 80 85 83 / 06 70 97 20 06
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