Peer review / Assessment of QMS

Project Description

The aim of the project is to perform the assessment of LCOE concerning the QMS. A plan including the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) and the visit of a metrological expert in the field of electric high voltage is planned in February - March 2013.

The proposed project intends to continuously ensure the conformity of LCOE's QMS to ISO/CEI 17025 Standard and to improve the System by means of that kind of assessments with respect to the requirements of the CIPM MRA.

The conclusions of this project will be presented at the next EURAMET TC-Q meeting.

The technical assessor will be either Mr. Ricardo Rubén Díaz (Argentina) or Mr. Dragos Iuliu Alexandrescu (from SMU). Final option will be chosen according to EURAMET's criteria. LCOE would rather choose option 1 since all quality and technical documents are in Spanish.

The quality assessor will be an expert from the Spanish Accreditation Body (ENAC). The fees of the assessment will be paid by LCOE.

Final Report 2014-11-14

LCOE is the DI in Spain for high voltage quantities. LCOE QMS assessment was carried out by SMU the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of July 2013 in cooperation with auditors of the Spanish accreditation body of ENAC following the rules of standard ISO 17025 and in accordance with document CIPM 2007-25. SMU revised mainly technical matters and ENAC quality matters. Technical assessment was performed by Dr. Dragos Alexandrescu of SMU (Slovak Institute of Metrology). The detailed information of the assessment is included in audit report of ENAC, nº 21174 of 2013.
The review was organized to support the existing CMCs of LCOE, (published in Appendix C of the CIPM-MRA). The following aspects of the laboratory's operation have been assessed:

- Qualifications and technical capabilities of staff ordinarily performing the services, and their supervisors.
- Control and monitoring of environmental conditions
- Calibration and measurement methods, uncertainty estimations and method validation
- Suitability of equipment and equipment maintenance programs
- Measurement traceability
- Methods used for assuring the quality of measurements and calibrations
- Content and format of calibration / measurement reports
- Technical records that demonstrate that the claimed uncertainties have been ordinarily achieved

The findings and observations from this review have been documented in the ENAC report, which can be downloaded here>>
Where necessary, LCOE has taken corrective actions that have been reported to the reviewer. No relevant deviations were find out referring to national high voltage standards of LCOE.

Quality (Q)
Fernando Garnacho Vecino / Ricardo Martín Berjano
Phone: +34 91 491 81 68
Coordinating Institute
LCOE (Spain)
Participating Partners
SMU (Slovakia)
Further Partners
Option 1: LCOE (SP) and High Voltage and Energy Transmission Institute
National University of Tucumán (Argentina) (Depository of Lightning Impulse Reference)