On-site visits by external metrological experts

Project Description

The last recurrent audit of QMS have been carried out in 2012 by the experts of Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau. This project is intended to review the measurement capabilities, including the declared measurement uncertainties in the fields of air speed and liquid volume and flow rate measurement as well as related aspects of QMS, by the experts from the NMIs of other European countries. Hopefully, it will contribute to the improvement of the QMS, sharing the best practice of QMS and implementation the tools for a better international collaboration and fulfilment of the requirements of CIPM MRA and EURAMET. One visit of metrological experts - Pier Giorgio Spazzini, INRIM - Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Italy and Krister Stolt, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is provided. 

Further Information

Expenses of peer review visits will be paid by the host NMI (LEI/VMT). The conclusions of the peer review project will be presented in the report.

Quality (Q)
Antanas Pedisius, VMT/LEI (Lithuania)
Coordinating Institute
LEI (Lithuania)
Participating Partners
INRIM (Italy)
RISE (Sweden)