On-site peer review IMBiH

Project Description

All the NMIs and DIs participating CIPM MRA have to operate a QMS in conformity with ISO/IEC 17025 to support their measurement and calibration activities. This project of QMS peer visit and review is intended to support evaluation of QMS of the laboratories of Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and provides a tool for a better international recognition and fulfilment of the requirements of CIPM MRA.

The goal of the project is to review the calibration and measurement capabilities of the IMBiH laboratories in the field of pressure, mass,temperature, humidity, electrical quantaties, times and frequency, volume and flow, including the declared measurement uncertainty; detect, analyse and resolve possible metrological problems of the laboratories and also learn from each other and share the best practice for QMS implementation. This is an ongoing project which will allow on going Peer review.

Peer review will be carried out by an on-site visit from side of a metrological expert from Czech Metrology Institute, CMI (Czech Republic) within EURAMET. 

First peer review is planned for pressure field 12-13 December, 2017 and it will be done by CMI expert. 

Progress Report 2021-03-30

Due the pandemic reasons of COVID-19, peer review was carried as on-line review.
As an on-going peer review it has been conducted in different periods. First peer review has been carried out for the field of temperature and humidity 21 December 2020 and 6 January 2021. Peer review was performed by Dr. Ing. Radek Strnad, PhD from CMI Czech Republic. Peer review has been continued 23 and 24 February 2021 for the field of electrical quantities. Peer review was performed by PhD Jan Kučera from CMI Czech Republic.The last peer review within this progress report has been performed for the field of time and frequency 3 and 4 March 2021. Peer Review was performed by PhD Alexander Kuna from UFE/IPE/DI of Czech Republic.The conclusions of the peer review were sent in the annual report for the year 2020, which was submitted by IMBiH to Technical Committee for Quality (TC-Q). Other visits will be planned and organised based on further requests from project partners.

Progress Report 2017-12-28

Peer Review was carried out by an on-site visit on 13 and 14 December 2017. Peer Review was done by Ing. Václav Sedlák, metrological expert in pressure field from  Czech Metrology Institute, CMI (Czech Republic) within EURAMET. The conclusions of the peer review were presented in the Final report, which was submitted to TC Q.

Quality (Q)
Coordinating Institute
IMBiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Participating Partners
CMI (Czech Republic)