On-site peer review IMBiH electrical quantities, time and frequency

Project Description

Laboratory for electrical quantities and time and frequency of Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been established in 2010, and from this period it has been equipped and staff has been educated. This project is necessary for the laboratory to prove its competence and will be used on its way to publish CMC tales in the field of AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current, DC current and Resistance based on EURAMET comparison (Project No. 1341 "Comparison on Calibration of Multimeter") and two EURAMET bilateral comparisons (Project No. 1363 "Bilateral comparison between EIM and IMBIH in resistance" and Project No. 1364 "Bilateral comparison of a DC voltage standard (Zener) between EIM and IMBIH"). Peer review will cover all relevant requirements stated in the standard of ISO/IEC 17025. Also, competence of department for Time and Frequency will be covered by this peer review, since it belongs to the same laboratory. Department of Time and Frequency participate in CIPM Key Comparison CCTF.K001.UTC for calculation of UTC under the supervision of BIPM and calculation of Rapid UTC. Based on results from this comparison Laboratory for electrical quantities and time and frequency will publish its CMC tables in T&F.
Peer review will be carried out by an on-site visit from side of metrological experts for electrical quantities and time and frequency coming from Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (MIRS/SIQ/METROLOGY) which has status of A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) within EURAMET.

Final Report 2016-02-22

This project was necessary for IMBIH Laboratory for Electrical Quantities and Time and Frequency to prove its competances, with the goal to publish CMC-s for relevant quantities (AC Voltage, AC Current, DC Voltage, DC Current, DC Resistance and Time&Frequency). Peer Review covered all relevant requirements stated in ISO/IEC 17025 standard.
Peer Review was carried out by an on-site visits, one on 13 and 14 October 2015.  (for quality system and Electrical Quantities) - done by mag. Matjaž Lindič from SIQ, Slovenia and another 10 and 11 December 2015 (for Time & Frequency) - done by Borut Pinter from SIQ, Slovenia within EURAMET. The conclusions of the peer review were presented in the Final report.

Quality (Q)
Jasmina Loncarevic, IMBiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Phone: +387 33 568 923
E-Mail: jasna.loncarevic@met.gov.ba
Coordinating Institute
IMBiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Participating Partners
MIRS/SIQ/Metrology (Slovenia)