NANOSCALE conference series

Project Description

  • Organisation, selection of appropriate conference location, programme planning, execution and wrap-up of the scientific conference series NANOSCALE on current topics of nanometrology, which takes place at changing venues in Europe normally linked to an NMI within EURAMET in a cycle of about 3 years (if possible organized in combination with other metrology meetings (TC-L or CCL WGs). The wrap-up activities include the support for publication of selected conference contributions in a special issue of the peer reviewed scientific journal MST or another appropriate peer reviewed journal.
  • Project partners: members of the NANOSCALE programme committee (NANOSCALE 2013 conference: Rob Bergmans, VSL (NL); Harald Bosse, PTB (DE); Joergen Garnaes, DFM (DK); Petr Klapetek, CMI (CZ); Antti Lassila, MIKES (FI); Felix Meli, METAS (CH); Gian Bartolo Picotto, INRIM (IT); Ruedi Thalmann, METAS (CH); Sébastien Ducourtieux, LNE (FR); Andrew Yacoot, NPL (UK); Tanfer Yandayan, UME (TR)).
  • Organisation of the NanoKnight Award - the knight of dimensional nanometrology - to acknowledge larger and significant contributions to the development of the area of nanometrology of renowned experts in this field in irregular intervals.

The NANOSCALE conference series is a follow-up of the conference series on QUANTITATIVE MICROSCOPY, which had been organised by NMIs from TC-L of EUROMET as well, starting in the 90s.

Progress Report 2019-09-29

The NanoScale conference series will stimulate the exchange of experiences between researchers, industrial users and metrologists in the fields of optical, electron and scanning probe microscopy as well as related techniques, to solve daily measurement challenges in the micro- and nano-world.
Main topics to be addressed in the field of instrumentation and methods, calibration and correction methods and application.
The conference is organised together with other NMI or university institutes working on the field of nanotechnology/-metrology in a cycle of 3 years since 2013.

  • April 2013 Paris together with the LNE, 95 participants including 22 non-European, 20 talks and posters
  • March 2016 Wroclaw together with the University of Wroclaw and GUM, 90 participants including 15 non European, 20 talks and 56 posters
  • October 2019 Braunschweig, ~ more than 103 participants incl. 20 non-European, 20 talks, and more than 60 posters

Papers are published in the journal "Measurement Science and Technology" of the IOP.

In 2019 a call for a candidate for the Nanoknight Award has been announced for the second time since 2008. A candidate has been selected and will be awarded during the NanoScale 2019..

Length (L)
Ludger Koenders, PTB (Germany)
Phone: +49 531 592 5100
Fax: +49 531 592 5105
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)
Participating Partners
Further Partners
All EURAMET NMIs with activities in nanometrology;
The NANOSCALE conferences are open for participation of experts from NMIs, academia and industry worldwide.