Multi-compartment cells for triple points in the cryogenic range

Project Description

To realise fixed points in the low temperature range, INM has developed a type of sealed cell provided for the materialization of triple points of up to five substances in only one device.
VSL asked for to be supplied with one such cell in the aim to be associated with its own cryostat.
NPL joined this project in proposing to realize one hydrogen triple point cell available to VSL.

Final Report 2004-02-24

This project was included in a wider project, funded by the European Community under the ‘Competitive and Sustainable Growth’ Programme (1998-2002) and entitled “Improvement of European traceability in temperature measurements below 0°C using permanently-sealed transportable multicell standards” (MULTICELL), coordinated by IMGC, (CONTRACT N° : G6RD-CT-1999-00114).
The date of issue of the report to the European commission was December 2003 and the target of the EUROMET 279 project was reach through the results of the European contract.
The project 279 can then be considered as completed.

Further Information

Progress Report - 03 June 2003

Thermometry (T)
Dr Y. Hermier, LNE-INM (France)
Coordinating Institute