Measurements and traceability in chemistry (workshop)

Within the framework of the CIPM’s MRA, EUROMET has chosen to review the implementation of quality management systems (QMSs) by NMIs of Euromet members within TC-Quality (formerly named QS-Forum). During the TC-Quality meeting in Malta in February 2006 two chemical laboratories from Slovenia presented their quality systems. Because the majority of audience was physicists there was a lack of understanding how the reference measurements in chemistry are conducted. The objective of this workshop, which would be carried out during the maximum of 3 hours at the next TC-Quality meeting (with participation of all EUROMET NMIs), is to explain what are the measurements in chemistry, the essence of providing reference measurements, role of reference (RM) and certified reference materials (CRM) and how to assure traceability in chemistry. It will be explained when the ISO Guide 34 and 43 are applicable and how difference chemical laboratories fit to the accreditation scheme as “testing laboratories”.

Quality (Q)
Participating Partners
MIRS (Slovenia)
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JRC Geel (Coordinating Institute)