Measurement standards for the density for liquids at elevated pressure

Project Description

To undertake an intercomparison of primary measurements standards for the density of liquids over a defined range of temperature and pressure.

It is proposed that each participant undertake measurements over all, or as wide an extend as is praticable, of the defined range of conditions on a chemically and physically stable liquid and that an intercomparison of the findings be made which will enable the participating organisations to validate further the operation of their measurements facilities.

The transfer standard liquid must be chemically stable over the lifetime of the tests, non-corrosive, non-hydroscopic, and capable of being degassed without change of composition. The liquid proposed for the purpose of this intercomparison is high purity toluene (methylbenzene, C6H5CH3).

The defined range of measurement condition is : 0

Further Information

NIST 5Boulder and Gaithersburg), NRTL (Japan) have expressed a strong desire to participate in this intercomparison.

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