Key Comparisons of air kerma and absorbed dose to water standards in 60Co radiation beam for radiation therapy

Project Description

In this project,seven participating laboratories will perform a comparison in terms of air kerma and absorbed dose to water in 60Co radiation therapy beam. Three transfer chambers will be used for the comparison. Six of the participating laboratories are secondary standard laboratories. VSL is the primary laboratory and acts as a linking laboratory to the BIPM.RI(I)-K1 and BIPM.RI(I)-K4 comparisons.

SSM (Sweden) is the pilot laboratory for measurements, STUK (Finland) the coordinating/reporting laboratory.

Ionising Radiation (IR)
Reetta Nylund, STUK (Finland)
Phone: +358 40 152 0941
Coordinating Institute
STUK (Finland)
Further Partners
IAEA (Austria)