Key comparison on surface roughness standards

Project Description

Calibration of surface texture standards using the profile method. The following artefacts will be circulated:
- type A1 (groove depth)
- type C (x2)
- type D1 (random)

as described in ISO 5436-1.

Parameters to be measured according to ISO 4287:

  • amplitude parameters (peak and valley): Rp, Rv, Rz, Rt
  • amplitude parameters (average of ordinates): Ra, Rq, Rsk, Rku
  • spacing parameters: RSm
  • depth: d

In addition, a gauge according to ISO 5436-2 will be included to validate the parameter calculation.

Final Report 2016-09-26

The comparison has been completed and results are published in der KCDB.

Length (L)
Rudolf Thalmann, METAS (Switzerland)
Coordinating Institute
METAS (Switzerland)
Further Partners
NIMT (Thailand)
CMS/ITRI (Taiwan)
NMC/A*STAR (Singapore)
NMISA (South Africa)
INMETRO (Brazil)