Key comparison on luminous intensity 2020

Project Description

EURAMET TC-PR has decided on its annual meeting on January 29, 2020 in Chisinau (MD) the imminent start of the second round of the key comparison on luminous intensity. The National Metrology Institute of Switzerland (METAS) was appointed as pilot laboratory.
The comparison protocol will be in agreement with CCPR-G6 [1] and similar to the technical protocol of CCPR.K3.2014 [2]. The full details of the comparison protocol will be established by a task group, which will be drawn from the participants, and lead by the pilot laboratory. The link laboratories are ex officio member of the task group. According to CCPR-G4 [3] this call is also open to members of COOMET. Incandescent lamps will be used for the comparison.

[1] CCPR-G6 Guidelines for RMO key comparisons in PR, CCPR-G6, 2014
[2] Technical protocol of CCPR-K3.2014
[3] CCPR-G4: Guidelines for preparing CCPR key comparisons, CCPR-G4, 2013

Progress Report 2021-01-26

The comparison officially started on 1 September 2020. The technical protocol was approved by CCPR WG KC. All participants have signed the registration form. Due to the current COVID19 pandemic, the comparison is delayed because the lamps could not be transported to the pilot lab in January 2021. The working group for the comparison will discuss the situation in April 2021 and prepare a proposal for the participants on how to proceed.