Key comparison of stainless steel multiples and sub-multiples of the kilogram

Project Description

Comparison on mass standards: 5 kg, 100 g, 10 g, 5 g, 500 mg

The comparison will be undertaken within the EURAMET RMO and, to underpin the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), will be linked to the Consultative Committee for Mass comparison CCM.M-K7.

Linking laboratories will be CEM, INRIM, METAS and PTB. The main objectives of the comparison are to validate the calibration measurement capabilities (CMC's) of the participants and to provide a basis for the submission and review of updated or new CMC's.

Progress Report 2022-05-12

The second leg of the comparison is in progress, where the interim measurements are conducted by the pilot lab.
The third and fourth stages of the comparison each involve 6 participants, including the pilot laboratory. Therefore,12 more months are needed for the circulation of the travelling standards.