KC Density of liquids

Project Description

Density of liquids comparison using oscillation type density meters.
The aim of the key comparison CCM.D-K5 "Comparison on density determination of liquid samples using oscillation-type density meters" is to compare the results of the density determinations of liquid samples by oscillation-type density meters of the participating laboratories.
Density measurements of liquids are mainly performed by laboratories to provide a means of calibrating or checking liquid density measuring instruments such as oscillation-type density meters.
The BEV is the Pilot Laboratory for the comparison supported by the MKEH (Hungary).
For the comparison samples of dodecane, perfluoro-compound C10HF22N (Fluorinert FC-40), and of oil with a high viscosity will be measured. The temperature range is from 15 °C to 40 °C. The measurements should be carried out at atmospheric pressure by using a digital density meter. The reference values for the comparison liquids will be determined by the hydrostatic method (BEV, MKEH).

Progress Report 2021-10-26

The coordination of the project was taken over by Lukas Prochaska from Markus Schiebl, BEV (Austria).

Progress Report 2019-04-05

Current Status: procurement of liquids

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
Lukas Prochaska, BEV (Austria)
E-Mail: lukas.prochaska@bev.gv.at
Coordinating Institute
BEV (Austria)