Interferometric calibration of microdisplacement actuators

Proposal, September 2005

Precise positioning in nanometrology, scanning probe microscopy, and process control in nanofabrication needs of traceable displacement actuators operating in the micrometric and nanometric ranges of displacements. High sensitivity actuators have usually onboard position sensors in a closed-loop control of displacements.

The proposed cooperation in research is a pilot study on interferometric measurements of displacements (from the micrometric range down to the sub-wavelength range) of high-sensitivity actuators. The project has been re-proposed and discussed at the 2004 TC Length Meeting.

IMGC will circulate a commercial piezo-capacitive 10 µm actuator (with driver), which moves a 1“ flat mirror. Partners are asked to drive the analog input of the driver and relate this to the actuator displacements (possible from the micrometric full range down to the sub-wavelength range). Unwanted rotations should be measured to the extend possible.

Further Information

The DPT-10 manual from the manufacturer will be provided.

Length (L)
Gian Bartolo Picotto, INRIM (Italy)
Coordinating Institute
INRIM (Italy)
Further Partners
NMISA (South Africa)