Intercomparison of the C* calculation

Project Description

Participating laboratories for their tests on sonic nozzles, with air or natural gas.

The participants must provide to the project manager their C^* calculation tools and information on the state equations used by their method (Johnson, Jacobsen, standard reference, etc.).

The C* calculations used by the laboratories will be compared using the same input reference conditions (see below). Other thermodynamic values (Z, C_p, C_v, p and V^*) calculated with state equations used in the C^* calculation method will be compared to reference documentation or equations.

  • Pressure: from 1 up to 80 bar,
  • Temperature: 0, 20 and 50°C,
  • Gas: dry air, ambient air and natural gas (Groningen, North Sea, Russia, etc.

The same method for air and natural gas will then be used to re-calculate the results obtained from the sonic nozzle intercomparison (EUROMET project 307) in order to improve the accuracy of the experimental discharge coefficient equation.

The results of this project will be used for the revision of ISO9300.

Final Report 1999-06-30

The project has been completed and the report can be downloaded here>>.

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