Inter-laboratory calibration comparison of the turbine gas meter G650

Proposal, 23 June 2005

An axial turbine gas meter G650 will be used to compare low pressure test facilities over the flow range (100 ÷ 1000) m³/h. The turbine gas meter G650 will be calibrated at 8 flow rates: 1000 m³/h, 800 m³/h, 650 m³/h, 500 m³/h, 400 m³/h, 300 m³/h, 200 m³/h, 100 m³/h.

The laboratories should carry out the calibration using their normal procedures. The laboratories should use their upstream straightening pipe (at least 5x DN) and the downstream straightening pipe (at least 3x DN) during the calibration of the gas meter.

If laboratories are not able to cover all the flow rates they may calibrate the meter over part of the flow range.

Each laboratory will be responsible for the transfer of the meter to the next laboratory.

Test conditions:
Test gas: air
Test pressure: near atmospheric Test temperature: (19,5 ÷ 23,5) ?C


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Further Information

The supposed time to make calibration and to deliver the meter to next laboratory will be approximately one week.