Inter-comparison on Water/heat meters at 50 °C for 50mm pipe

Proposal, 14 July 2005

The objective for this inter-comparison is to verify that the participants have the capacity to verify heat meters of class 1.

The meter package is mounted on a trolley with 50mm connections and consists of a Coriolis-meter and a MAG-meter in series. The calibration shall be performed at 50°C and at 5 flow rates up to a maximum of 20 000 l/min, if this is possible for the laboratory.

The pilot transports the package to the respective laboratory and supervises the calibration work during the up to two days allowed for this routine like calibration. The role of the pilot, besides the safe transportation of the package, is to advice the laboratories on the handling of the signals from the meters, as some of the laboratories are not familiar with this. In this manner, any problems should quickly be solved.

Further Information

The project is partially funded by NICe, Nordic Innovations Centre.

The meters will be transported by the pilot by car to the participating laboratories. The measurements have to be done in maximum 2 days and performed in the presence of the pilot. The raw data will to be handed to the pilot representative before leaving.

Flow (F)
Krister Stolt, SP (Sweden)
Coordinating Institute
RISE (Sweden)
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