Inter-comparison of gas provers in the gas flow range 0,25 m3/h to 25 m3/h

Project Description

We will compare bell and piston provers for the following flow rates:
0,25 m3/h, 0,5 m3/h, 1 m3/h, 2 m3/h, 4 m3/h, 6 m3/h, 8 m3/h, 10 m3/h, 12 m3/h, 15 m3/h, 18 m3/h, 20 m3/h and 25 m3/h using a rotary piston gas meter (G16 DN50, Triple from Precision Gas Measurement, NL) as a transfer standard.
The laboratories should carry out the calibration using their common procedures. 
Each laboratory will be responsible for the transport of the transfer standard to the next laboratory. No other costs are expected.

Test conditions:

  • Test gas: air at atmospheric pressure
  • Test temperature: (19.5 ÷ 22.5) °C


Flow (F)
Anna Wonaschütz, BEV (Austria)
Phone: +43 1 21110 826560
Coordinating Institute
BEV (Austria)