Inter-comparison of 1000 L proving tank

Project Description

The aim of this project is to compare results and method calibration of a 1000 L proving tank. Both the gravimetric method and the volumetric method can be used. If the laboratory is capable to use both methods they can either choose one or do both and report both. This comparison will allow the participating laboratories to test the agreement of their results and uncertainties despite the different used equipment and different calibration method.

This comparison will be coordinated by MIRS with support of Elsa Batista (IPQ, Portugal). Similar comparison was already performed and comleted in 2013, EURAMET Project 1157, so after six years TC-F community decided to repeat it.

Progress Report 2021-07-19

The comparison is in 4 month delay due to COVID-19 crisis and the transport issues at the moment.

The delay is likely to increase by another month or so. We tried to reorganize time schedule and optimize it in a way all participants are able to perform measurements.
12 out of 17 participants have made their measurements.
INRIM doesn't take part in this project any more.