Installation effects with decrease the accuracy of water measurements

Final Report, 1 June 2007

(Please see also detailed test report)


 Proposal, 15 June 2005

The proposed project deals with the influence of flow disturbances on meters for water flow. The influences of some hydraulic disturbances will be investigated with respect to

changes in error characteristics and
changes in the flow profiles

For this purpose two diameters are chosen: DN 40 and DN 50 and some measurement principles like winged wheel water meters, electromagnetic meters, ultrasonic meters and Woltman-meters.
For detection of changes in flow profiles a Laser-Doppler-Velocimeter (LDV) will be used.

Further Information

The measurements was started in 2003 with the installation of a LDV-system in the BEV. Some supported measurements are made in autumn 2004 in the PTB/Berlin.

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