Improving traceability in differential scanning calorimetry

Project Description

The Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC) are commonly used by many institutes and laboratories for measuring thermal parameters of materials such as (phase transition, enthalpy of fusion, heat capacity). Their traceability to the SI is performed within the use of reference materials provided by few NMIs. Comparison of measurement standards performed by different Institutes should not lead to identify the potential lack of traceability and ways for improving the situation.

The main goals of this project are therefore to:
- check and compare technical procedures applied
- define a comparison protocol (temperature, measurement method, etc.)
- select a batch of reference materials issued from different producers
- perform comparison measurements according to the protocol
- analyse the results and propose recommendations, suggestions for improving the traceability.

This project will be funded by each partner within the framework of their own national funding programme.

Final Report 2018-02-01

This project, which started end of 2012, aimed at comparing caloric quantities measurements (enthalpy of fusion and specific heat) performed by different European institutes by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), in order to identify the potential lack of traceability and ways for improving the situation.

Scientific exchanges carried out between LNE/LCM and CRP Henri Tudor enabled to compare measurement procedures applied in both institutes for these measurements. During a training organised by LNE/LCM in Trappes (France), the calibration procedures of DSCs, the uncertainties budget as well as the impact of the main components have been presented in details. This exchange was complemented by an international technical workshop organised in Luxembourg and dedicated to the characterisation of thermophysical properties of materials (including the DSC techniques), where LNE/LCM and CRP Henri Tudor have presented their metrological facilities and methods for calorimetric measurements to the local industries.

Due to the resignation of the expert in calorimetry from CRP Henri Tudor and to the strong changes in the organisation of Metrology in Luxembourg that occurred in 2013, this project was temporarily stopped in 2014. As no clarification or new information has been received since then from ILNAS/BLM (Bureau Luxembourgeois de Métrologie), it is decided to close this project. 

Thermometry (T)
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