Harmonization of the uncertainty budgets and calibration methods for liquid flow standards

Project Description

There are several different approaches to elaborate uncertainty budget for water flow facilities and to take DUT (device under test) "uncertainty" into account.
In order to harmonized our method to claim uncertainty and share the experience of the EURAMET flow community, this project aim to synthetise the practice to evaluate uncertainty components and the way calibration are performed (method).
The main purpose of this project is to elaborate a guideline document describing the determination of the uncertainty for gravimetric flow calibration.

Final Report 2017-06-23

During the last TC-Flow (Warsaw, 4-6 april 2017) The work of Rainer Engel has been acknowledged but deemed not well suited to be used as a guideline. It has therefore been decided to close the project and publish the report and its accompanying Excel sheet as a technical report on the restricted TC F webpage area. A task force has been created to define the structure of the future calibration guideline, based on sections of the current technical report.

Progress Report 2016-08-11

An EURAMET guide and associated uncertainty spreadsheet has been realised and will be posted on the TC-FLOW page of the EURAMET website for review and comments by the community. The final revised deliverables will be presented and published during the next TC-FLOW in April 2017.

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