Guideline on the Calibration of Solid Anemometers - Part 2: Thermal Anemometers

Project Description

In addition to the first part of the guide on air speed calibration "Development of a guide one air speed calibration solid anemometers",  which is covering the Pitot Static Tubes, the second part should cope with the calibration of thermal anemometers. These anemometers are mainly used in the low air speed range and can therefore also be used as transfer standards in this range. Recently they are getting of increasing importance for industrial applications since they can cover the field of ventilation of buidlings and its automatisation, for instance. This guide will describe the way to ensure traceability by using thermal anemometers and will be finally extended to all kinds of rotating anemometer in a third part.

Progress Report 2019-04-19

Brainstorming, Creation of a questionnaire.
Next steps: collecting the know-how (calibration procedures, list of publications, typical DUT, important parameters,…) of the participating insitutes with the help of the questionnaire, evaluation of results, creation of a first draft.