Flowmeter installation effect in gases

Project Description

Measurement of the installation effects on the accuracy of turbine gas meters for flow rates up to 5.500 m3/h. The velocity and turbulence profiles in a duct DN = 200/250 will be measured using a 1 and 2-component diode laser LDA-system (non-intrusive technique).

The effects on velocity and turbulence profiles on a G2500/1600 turbine meter when installed downstream of various fittings with and without different flow straighteners have to be explored.

The recommendation "OIML R 32" and "DVGW 492II Arbeeitsblatt" are to be investigated and compared by detailed experiments using advanced miniaturized transient recorder based LDV-systems.

Further Information

The optical measuring techiques which are developed in EUROMET project 187 'Development of Miniaturized Optical Flowmeters' will be applied.

The project will later be extended to natural gases.

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