Fibre optic consultation working group

Project Description

The Fibre Optic specialist group consists of Jan C Petersen from DFM in Denmark, Pierre Blanchard, Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques, BNM-LCIE Fibronique in France, Martin Wicks from NPL in UK, Jaques Morel from METAS in Switserland, and myself Anne Andersson SP in Sweden.7.2.0 Wavelength fibre optic source and 7.2.1 Optical spectrum analyser 7.1.0 Fibre optic power responsivity have been revised up to last PHORA meeting 2003. Categories to add in CMC revision and not yet agreed on are; 7.5.0 attenuation and 7.7.0 Chromatic dispersion in SM fibres.Submission in CMC for fibre optics this year has been from Slovakia in 7.2.0 and 7.2.1. Acceptance will be after the Phora meeting in Turin April 2004.Regarding the question of evidence i.e. comparison for fibre optic wavelength scales nothing has been done.The suggestion from the group to to do a comparision with an unknown gas with absorption peaks for characterisation, i.e. start a new Euromet with this aim has not been started.Jaques Morel from METAS in Switserland co-ordinated a round robin on chromatic dispersion measurements of single mode fibres, see report of Euromet project no 666. An investigation of fibre optic power scale realisation from 1 mW up to 200 mW at 1550 nm wavelength has been suggested and completed in 2003. The project was financed as a Nordtest project. The participating NMIs DFM, HUT and SP were all realiseing their own scale for fibre optic power with the upper level 200 mW.Traceability to national standards was solved in the project.A comparison of fibre optic power at 1 mW with “low” power detectors was completed.A comparison of powers up to 200 mW with “high” power detectors was completed.Results showed agreement within the uncertainty for the individual laboratories.The high fibre optic power project is also submitted as an Euromet project 776. A working group will be formed for consultation on facilities in fibre optics.

The group will be to analyze CMC(calibration and measurement capabilities) data submitted by the NMIs within the subfield of fibre optics. Subgroups will be formed to handle the various measurement techniques in fibre optics.

Each participating country should suggest at least one expert in fibre opticts that can be consulted by the working group.

Further Information

Progress report submitted in May 2004.