Evaluation of repeatability measurement procedures in gravimetric volume calibrations of glassware

Project Description

Following the cooperation between EURAMET TC-F and ASTM Committee E41 in the revision of the standard "E542 - Standard Practice for Calibration of Laboratory Volumetric Apparatus" it was decided to investigate the different approaches regarding repeatability measurements of glassware calibration performed by different National Metrology Laboratories, accredited laboratories and manufactures around the world and its influence to the determined volume and uncertainty.

Suitable repeatability estimates are needed for evaluating measurement results and for determining the measurement uncertainties.
Lack of repeatability agreement within a set of measurement results can lead to significant problems with the operating characteristics of the volumetric instrument.

The technical protocol can be downloaded here>>.

Progress Report 2022-04-19

Measurements were already performed by IPQ, NORMAX, INRIM, MIRS, ZMK and Artel. The instruments are now at OWM (USA).

Flow (F)
Coordinating Institute
IPQ (Portugal)
Participating Partners
INRIM (Italy)
MIRS (Slovenia)
Further Partners
Artel (USA)
Normax (PT)