Evaluation of a national reference laboratory for HF- and primary laboratory for AC-electricity

The evaluation committee, considering:

- The application from the laboratory
- The accredited calibration schedules
- Information gained during the visit

evaluated the applicant and recommended to the Danish Agency for the Development of Trade and Industry on the following issue:

- Nomination of national laboratory within HF-electricity
- Upgrading the status of the National Reference Laboratory for AC-electricity to Primary status.

The specific criteria for the evaluation were the following:

- Technical competence (Establishment of the units according to their definition at a scientific level, Dissemination of traceable measurements, participation in (inter)national work, general communication, maintenance of competence)
- Choice of standards and uncertainties

Further, the applicant was found to operate in compliance with EUROMET Guidance Document no. 1 with the option that all calibrations were performed under a DANAK accreditation. It adheres to the practices of DANIAmet as they have been presented to QS-FORUM.

The present complies with the guidelines for peer-review of the Document no 1.

The report of the evaluation committee is available in confidence from the coordinator.

Electricity and Magnetism (EM)
Kim Carneiro, DFM (Denmark)
Coordinating Institute
DFM (Denmark)
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HBK-DPLA (Denmark)
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