EUROMET T. K5 Extension: Intercomparison of local realizations of the ITS-90 above Silver point

Project Description

Intercomparison of local realizations of the ITS-90 up to 1700 °C, and optionally, its secondary, medium temperature extension down to 800 °C, using two high-quality vacuum tungsten strip lamps as transfer standards. The local scales will be directly transferred to the lamps, such as to guarantee the highest possible accuracy level. An essential aspect of the intercomparison will be studying the influence of the orientation of the lamps with respect to the optical axis, set by the associated radiation thermometers.

This intercomparison is to be considered a key comparison, it is linked-up with a key comparison organised by the CCT; coordinator is again NMi-VSL.

Final Report 2013-03-24

The comparison has been completed and results are published in the KCDB.

Progress Report 2012-03-29

Draft A of the report was submitted to all participants last July 2011 for their comments and corrections. Upon the approval of all partner NMIs, draft A was carried into draft B and was submitted to the CCT WG7 last October 2011 for review. We are currently awaiting the feedback from the CCT WG7 regarding draft B.

Thermometry (T)
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