EUROMET key Comparison of spectral regular transmittance

Project Description

The EUROMET key comparison (EUROMET-K6) on spectral regular transmittance is closely connected with the CCPR key comparison in the same field.At present time the measurements for the CCPR key comparison are completed. The writing of the “Draft A” is near completion but it has taken longer than expected due to the difficulty in getting some final results.For EUROMET comparison the second set of measurement is in progress at the pilot laboratory. But due to staff shortage the measurement have been delayed, they are running again now. We will do our best for having the results as soon as possible and we expect to be able to complete the draft A of this comparison by the end of this year.

the aim of this key comparison is restricted to chek only the accuracy of the radiometric scale of the reference spectophotometers of National Laboratories

the comparison will be a star type comparison with the samples provided by the pilot laboratory and sent out to all participants at the same time

the filters will be coloured glass filter plates 50x50 mm?

the nominal transmittance will be appoximately 92%, 56%, 10%, 1% and 0.1%

the wavelengths of measurments should be 380, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 nm

the recommended geometry will be a parallel beam with a circular shape of 20 mm diameter or a square shape of 20 mm side

the angle of incidence should be normal or near normal

the recommended bandwith will be 1 nm


Further Information

Progress report submitted in May 2004 and March 2003.

Photometry and Radiometry (PR)
Jean Bastie, LNE-INM (France)
Coordinating Institute
Further Partners