EURAMET link to the CCL key comparison CCL-K11

Project Description

As the BIPM key comparison on primary wavelength standards (BIPM.L-K11) is closed and as the CCL has taken the responsibility of organizing the key comparison for primary wavelength standards (CCL-K11), it was agreed in the first meeting of EURAMET Technical Committee for Length (29-30 October 2007, Malta) that

  • it would be useful for EURAMET to see the results of the CCL key comparison for laser wavelength standards CCL-K11, especially to give information on any corrective actions
  • it is necessary to have an RMO comparison but useful to have a EURAMET project so that the EURAMET TC for Length can have yearly reporting of any work that is performed under the CCL-K11.

Hence, MIKES offers to act as a pilot for a EURAMET project whose purpose is to yearly co-ordinate (if so decided in TC meeting 2008) and report on any work performed in Europe under the CCL key comparison (CCL-K11) for primary wavelength standards.

Final Report 2019-10-01

This project run and filled it purpose for 10 years, however now it seems that it is no longer needed since there are other tools for following NMI participation to CCL-K11 and thus this project is closed.

Progress Report 2016-10-10

The progress report can be downloaded here>>

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