Establishing and checking traceability for radiative properties of materials

Project Description

This project aims are:

1. Setting up a small group representing scientific European interests useful for:

  • developing the European metrology infrastructure in that field
  • supporting activities performed within BIPM CCT WG 9 (Thermophysical Properties of Materials)

2. Identifying potential partners interested in the project in addition to the preliminary list and launching invitation to collaborate
3. Defining the most relevant radiative properties (emittance, reflectance, transmittance, others?) and the application range (temperature, spectral domain, materials) - link with EURAMET TC-RP activities to be made
4. Collecting information on European calibration facilities (NMIs and academic laboratories) for the quantities selected
5. Analysing the measurement uncertainties declared by laboratories and institutes
6. Assessing the measurement uncertainties achievable
7. Developing methods for establishing comparability (including cases of direct measurements not possible/accessible)
8. Definition of follow-up project:

  • organising interlaboratory comparison measurements
  • reviewing preparation of CMCs - entries
  • reviewing periodically databases

This project will be funded by each partner within the framework of their own national funding programme.

Final Report 2018-02-01

This project, which started end of 2012, aimed at strengthening the European metrology infrastructure in the field of radiative properties measurements in infrared by identifying potential partners interested in that field and by increasing scientific collaborations between NMIs. Several actions have been done relatively to this objective:

A review of the capabilities available within EURAMET members for radiative properties measurements has been performed periodically since the beginning of the project. A EURAMET TC-T Workshop devoted to thermal properties of materials has enabled in 2013 to identify/confirm new scientific contacts in the field of radiative properties: Peter Pavlásek at SMU (Slovakia) and Lenka Kňazovická at CMI (Czech Republic).

A paper describing the roadmap for thermophysical properties metrology (including the radiative properties), prepared by the Thermophysical Properties Working Group of the TCT, has been published in 2014 in “International Journal of Thermophysics”.

In the frame of the JRP project SIB52 THERMO, LNE and CMI have compared near-normal spectral emissivity measurements on a black paint in the temperature range from 200 °C to 550 °C. The obtained results were in good agreement.

The JRP 16NRM06 entitled EMIRIM for “Improvement of emissivity measurements on reflective insulation materials”, submitted in the Pre-normative EMPIR call, has started in June 2017. Different techniques used for measuring the total hemispherical emissivity will be compared by the NMIs (LNE, PTB, Aalto and DTU) involved in that JRP.
The main actions planned in the EURAMET project 1235 being achieved for most of them, it is decided to close this project.

Progress Report 2015-02-01

1. A JRP proposal, entitled EMIRIM, for improvement of total hemispherical emissivity measurements of low emissivity materials was presented for the Pre-normative EMPIR call 2015. The proposal involved LNE, PTB and NPL as NMIs. The proposal was not selected and a PRT will be resubmitted in 2016. In this project the NMIs involved would like to compare different techniques for measurements of total hemispherical emissivity: a calorimetric technique for LNE, by measurement of directional spectral emissivity and calculation for PTB and using a vacuum guarded hot plate for NPL.

2. In the frame of the JRP project SIB52 THERMO, LNE and CMI have compared near-normal spectral emissivity measurements on a black paint in the temperature range 200 to 550 °C. The results were in agreement.

3. Within the framework of BIPM CCT-TG-ThQ, 3 European NMIs (INRIM, LNE, and PTB) are involved in the CCT-S1 comparison focused on Spectral directional emissivity measurements. In 2015 the reviewed report has been updated by NIST and again submitted to the ad-hoc CCT-WG for final approval.

Thermometry (T)
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Coordinating Institute
LNE (France)
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